Friday, October 7, 2011

and I thought my husband had no interest in my crafty life...

My husband said the cutest thing to me yesterday. He was just passing through the kitchen and said, "you haven't updated your blog in a while". Honestly I had no idea he ever read my blog! And it caught me off guard, but in such a warm-fuzzy way :) I know. I'm weird and lame. Anyway, I'm updating it now, and we'll see if he notices or not.

I got an amazing stretch of sewing time in this morning. Evyn napped for 3 hours and 15 minutes! And in that time I managed to finish my Heirloom Bricks quilt top:

I caught the last of the sunlight to take these pics. I want to redo them tomorrow maybe because the colors are so much richer in the bright day light.

I'm really pleased with how it turned out :) Sometimes a super simple design can really perk up your creative motivation. This top went together really easily, and I was able to chain piece a lot of it. I just *love* it when a project comes together without any hiccups.

Another finish I'm really excited about is my Showoff Bag (and these pics are terrible, so for that I apologize):
The pattern is Made by Rae's latest release. I love the size of this bag. Its super roomy without feeling like a bottomless abyss (see: Mary Poppins' carpet bag). I used two layers of craft fuse interfacing for the top bands, and a home dec weight fabric for the bag body. Its been a while since I've made a bag, but I swear home dec fabric used to be more substantial. The one I got doesn't feel much heavier than regular quilting cotton. I feel like it looks a bit lifeless, and the pleats don't stand out like I would like them to. So for my next bag I'm going to try some lightweight fusible interfacing and see if that helps. 

On the interior, I executed my first zipper pocket! 
I've done zippers as bag closures before, but never one where you install it within a single piece of fabric. I'm glad I now know how to do this, and plan to do it a lot more on future projects! BTW, pleeeeeeease don't look at my topstitching on the right and left sides. I didn't clip the curves enough before I turned the bag right-side-out, and I was too lazy to un-turn it. I promise I'll do better next time.

So what's next for me?? As soon as I finished the Heirloom top, I immediately began gathering fabrics for a Colorwheel quilt that my awesome friend Paula made me templates for. Amazingly, I found 41, of the 52 different fabrics needed within my scrap buckets! Now I've got to trace and cut out the wedge template a bazillion times. Don't worry, though. It won't take long to see progress up on my design wall :)

Well, that's all for today folks! Are you all getting lots of awesome projects done?? 


  1. I think it's so sweet that your husband asked about your blog!!! I don't think it makes you weird OR lame that it gave you warm fuzzies. :D

    Also, your heirloom quilt is fabulous. Can't wait to see the sun-kissed photos :)

  2. Love the brick quilt.
    Great fabric.

  3. LOVE the quilt top!! Great job!

  4. I love the Heirloom quilt top. It's gorgeous!

  5. I love your quilt top, bag, and your hubby's sweet comment :)

  6. First off... awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. What a sweet thing for a husband to notice! Your definitely not lame!

    Second, I love the brick quilt! I have only seen that pattern in really muted colors, so seeing it in such a bright line is great!

  7. (It's looking great! for PINK)
    LOL. i dragged my hubby into my studio tonight to actually ASK his opinion on my latest design wall dilemma - he wondered in a few weeks ago and told me "oh, i see you incorporated 'FI' ? " ... and proceeded to talk MATH to me for Gawd-sakes! uhg. so, i dragged him back in to tell me if it still had balance, or should i mess it up 'on purpose' ... i mean, do i want "fi" ? ...
    fe fi fo fum! ...